Urban spaces have spirits, and cities have souls. Some are dangerous, menacing, but also seductive; others are marked by beauty and excess; others again by their dreariness or spookiness. These are contagious qualities that are said to seep into the character of the people living in such cities. […] Some urban spirits are global in reach, others mainly local or regional. They are reproduced in everyday stereotypes and mythologies. None of these are of course true in any sociological sense but the proliferating fantasmic and mythical qualities of cities and urban spaces are effective realities that shape the behaviour, cosmologies and desires of people in cities, or of those who visit them, imagine them, or describe them in narrative or imagery. —Thomas Blom Hansen and Oskar Verkaaik, in Urban Charisma (via textbookmaneuver)
Title: Foolish to Think
Artist: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Original Broadway Cast ft. Jeff Kready
Played: 374 times

Foolish to Think - Jeff Kready (Monty u/s)
this is not my master, but I do have permission to post


she wears short skirts

i wear nothing because i am the disembodied incorporeal form

she’s a flapper

i am the eyes of T. J. Eckelburg


Emmi Christensson as Christine!

Photo from Malmö Opera’s Instagram account.


Recently I reread Les Miserables by Victor Hugo,so have a sketchy version of Cosettes Garden at Rue Plumet.

oh wow. it looks straight out of a story book!

i was tagged aufdenglischbitte!

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"Dear Fontina, you must send us more money, Cosalt needs a doctor, there’s no time to lose."


…yeah, I made more.

this morning i woke up with the absolute certainty that digital theatre had purchased the passion recording from v&a and would be releasing it soon

for a few seconds there i was truly happy