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Let us imagine Cosette cutting and donating her hair for charity and Valjean trying not to get too upset because of how much it makes her look like Fantine

# NO


The perils of tight pants

Gavroche to Bahorel


for pilferingapples

Cursed name of a dog! That’s just the thing, dear brother
in arms; I’ll learn Latin from you, then, and no other,
and when to boil a pretty egg, and dash a dray right over,
and keep the petty shopkeepers in a fine lather -
O I’ve stomach enough, but I can like your pluck
and join you in your stanchion soon enough.
If I’d grown up it’s dearth or gallows
since it’s amazing what the Church can swallow,
but as it is, ignored by priest and politician,
let’s lie together in the grave of all ambition,
and raise a protest with the paving-stones
a whistled song, a flag, a satire, and our brave bones:
dear mother Paris is dressed up like Augustus’ Rome
and père nor Pear won’t offer me a home 



Anonymous asked: do you know the start and ending dates of the first, second and third national tours of les mis?


1st National Tour (Valjean Company):
Opened in Boston on December 15, 1987
Closed in Chicago on September 29, 1991

2nd National Tour (Fantine Company):
Opened in Los Angeles on June 1, 1988
Closed in San Francisco on January 27, 1991

3rd National Tour (Marius Company):
Opened in Tampa on June 28, 1988
Closed in St. Louis on July 23, 2006

wow i didn’t know the tours were nicknamed per tome! could it be said then that the 2010 tour was the cosette company? :)

william shakespeare’s star wars. verily, a new hope. found this gem in the classics section. amazing.


Cake gif. Fin.

Post-Mockingjay AU - Peeta and Katniss’ daughter learns about the Hunger Games

"Our general himself makes a mistress of him, sanctifies himself with ‘s hand, and turns up the white o’ th’ eyes to his discourse."

hello my name is tullus aufidius and i am gay as fuck